the trainer card

the trainer card

your trainer card and you

upon filling out the correct paperwork and being accepted, you will be assigned a POKENET trainer number, (eg. UNV-AHF-30445-49668). the first letters are your birth region- the rest are randomised.

EDEN and the pokemon storage system

one of POKENET'S greatest technologies is the ability to translate pokemon into digital forms. the system which this is based on is known as EDEN (eternal denizen encrypted network).

pokemon storage systems (PSS') use EDEN to upload pokemon and manage the existing pokemon in the database. each system is managed seperately by region, and is accessible from terminals in pokemon centers, on the street and most pokemarts.

this naming scheme has led to the term "sending a pokemon to eden" being used as slang for putting a pokemon in a box that's unlikely to ever come back out.


when a pokemon is caught in a modern pokeball, the pokemon is automatically microchipped. this is initially blank, but you can then temporarily deposit them in the PSS to register your POKENET number on the chip.

for pokemon that refuse to be pokeballed, or are caught in older model pokeballs, registered vets at pokemon centers can also do this (for a small cost).

this means that if your pokemon is ever lost or stolen, it can be tracked, traced and returned to you safely. this technology was invented as a direct response to the rise of pokemon theft in many regions.